The philosophy

Popular Terrarossa has the opportunity to take a trip along the Apulia. A journey down memory lane for those who was born and raised here, a surprise to those who explore for the first time. From Terrarossa Puglia is at the table, with organic produce sourced locally, fresh and alive in colors and flavors. Choose the fruits of our territory to deliver foods in their organoleptic properties intact. We prefer to embrace those organizations with which we share a philosophy: to give value to our land. A land that has always inspired art in all its expressions. Art that found in our environments where we host artists a strong bond with our sea and our hills. Every corner of Terrarossa is a unique work. As our dishes and glasses, all designed and hand-painted on ceramics in Grottaglie. This makes our pizzeria a place capable of travel through time, leaving himself and preserving its identity. Apulia is our land. Apulia is what we want.


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Terrarossa, pizza e arte di Puglia.

Pizzeria Terrarossa, corso D. Morea, 14 Conversano (Bari)

Tel. 080.495.72.08


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